The Cane Corso is above all a calm and balanced dog, nice and affectionate with its owners, it likes children and their family ... It is also a watchdog.

It is attached to its trainers that it will not hesitate to protect in case of danger but must absolutely be socialized from an early age to avoid aggressive or extreme behavior. its rather caretaker character will therefore require establishing a good relationship with its owners, good communication and a good education. Protector but not fighter, malleable but not devoid of character, emotional but not annoying, guardian but not aggressive, calm but not soft, impressive but without offense of dirty mouth, the Cane Corso is the Rolls-Royce of the molosses. This versatile dog will make you a happy and reassured owner. Its kindness, and its protection will make an excellent pet dog.

For me, it's really the perfect dog, which adapts to all situations, in the city as in the country, particularly clean, excellent guardian, sure of itself, its strength and brave, it shows no unnecessary aggression , not bellicose with regard to its congeners, which barks only wisely, particularly dissuasive, tender, patient and protective with the children, and very obedient, balanced, it learns very quickly.

To make it short, the dreamed dog!

It is also an excellent playmate for the children it will protect with all its heart. A Cane Corso is the ideal molosse for children. Indeed, a Cane Corso dog will never show aggression towards a child. And contrary to popular belief, it is not jealous of children. On the other hand, it will be necessary to take care that it understands well that in the hierarchy of the pack, the child is well above him and is part of its superiors.


Do not be confused in the Cane Corso natural mistrust and, which is clearly inscribed among the character traits of Cane Corso in its standard, with that sickly shyness that was common to observe when the appearance of the breed in France. Since then, thanks to the work of selection of passionate breeders, the character of Cane Corso has improved significantly. The latter remains a dog who is distant to those he does not know, which is quite normal.

The male Cane Corso is mature at the age of two / three years, the owner will then have to be patient towards his animal by taking care not to let go of his vigilance all along, especially that this breed goes through the teenage crisis experienced by certain breeds. If firmness is in order in the education process of the Cane Corso, do not expect it to face a strong behaviour; if it happens to be stubborn, the Cane Corso is not a difficult dog. So it is useless to be tyrannical, to shout at him or to be brutal, all of this is in fact, clearly discouraged.

You have to impose yourself so that it recognizes you as being the leader of the pack, you must face all whims and be as constant towards him as it will be towards you.

It is a relationship of complicity and trust that must be established between the Cane Corso and its owner. The Cane Corso is an intelligent dog, who will quickly understand what its owner expects from it; You just need to set the proper tone for your animal to obey your comand.

Because of this sensitivity, socialization should not be delayed. The owner must be flexible enough to know how to be firm. As the Cane Corso is suspicious, it is precisely a bad socialization that could make him fearful, which is absolutely to be avoided. The whole thing is to put it in confidence, that’s a job that the owner will have to take in relay when he receives the puppy Cane Corso. It is just as essential for the dog not to exacerbate tendencies to be rebellious as to maintain a timidity that could become unhealthy. The essential thing is to be logical so that the Cane Corso finds its good place at home, that it respects the hierarchy which one will impose to it gently, but with firmness.


Males, as in many other breeds, are naturally dominant; it is therefore necessary that the neophyte owner considers this factor in his choice. The Cane Corso is intended for a varied audience. It would even be appropriate, according to its enthusiasts, for the neophyte attracted by a first molosse. Unlike some dogs that are not put in all hands, the Cane Corso is considered less "sharp" than others, which makes it easier to educate, even in a non-connoisseur. The Cane Corso is perfect for a family where it will fit seamlessly and will be a good companion for all; he does not have difficulties with the children with whom he gets on very well. He is patient and supports even all the "annoyances" that can make him suffer small. On the other hand, but this is valid regardless of race, parents should be careful not to leave a child alone, unattended, with a dog.

The puppy Cane Corso is like so many others, it is cute. But do you say it's not a small, fragile thing. it is an observer and will not fail to test you or to find the gaps that are open to him. Also, be firm from the start so that it quickly understands the prohibitions (sofa, chairs, bed ...) as you choose, but without being brutal or unfair.