Care & Nutrition

A special nutrition?

A nutrition based on good quality super premium croquettes to insure a good growth to the dog, and for the bravest and the connoisseurs, the BARF nutrition.

During its growth, the Cane Corso puppy multiplies its weight by around fifty times its original birth’s weight. Bevause of this fast growth, its nutritional needs are high. It is then imperative to look after a perfectly halthy and balanced nutrition. Growth specially adapted croquettes are to prioritize because they contain all the minerals and vitamins that your puppy needs.

It is recomnded to give to the Cane Corso three meals a day until it gets one year old, then two meals a day until it gets one and a half years old, then when it is an adult, one meal a day is enough. The Cane Corso’s daily feed is about 700g of croquettes adapted to its age. As all the big dogs, the Cane Corso could be subject to a stomach twist. It is advised to give it its daily feed in a mess tin positioned at its snout height. It is important to avoid the efforts before and after the meal, so no exercises nor games after the meals..

The Cane Corso’s quantity and type of food depend on its weight, its age and its health status.
The Cane Corso doesn’t have weight problems unless it deosn’t have a regular physical activity.

Soin & Nutrition