By Republic Of Cane Corso has, as a main ambition, to import, maintain and develop a healthy and beautiful Cane Corso breed in New-Caledonia. To reach our level of excellence, we import our dogs straight from Italy. They are issued from the descendants of those at the base of the Cane Corso Renaissance, which is recognised by the professionals; this breed has also been rewarded with numerous prestigious prizes. Our goal, develop and optimize as much as possible this breed in New-Caledonia with the best breed quality possible. This will be done by working on the genetics and the morphology of the dogs issued from globally known Italian breeders. Our motivation is our love for this breed, we wish the New-Caledonian population to enjoy it as well as our neighbours in Australia and New-Zealand.

Indeed, these countries and many other destinations in the Pacific Ocean that are still rabies free, benefit from simple procedures to import dogs from New-Caledonia. We are always ready to share our passion, feel free to contact us to exchange or reserve your puppy.

Care & nutrition

A special nutrition??
A nutrition based on good quality super premium croquettes to insure a good growth to the dog, and for the bravest and the connoisseurs, the BARF nutrition.

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Health problems

The Cane Corso is a strong and sturdy dog, which doesn’t have health problems. However, here’s what has to bee looked after because it could be subject to the following infections...

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It exists different education methods that are pleasant and explainatives, and predominantly without any physical nor mental difficulties.

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A few tips