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It exists different education methods that are pleasant and explainatives, and predominantly without any physical nor mental difficulties.
These methods are based on an absolute respect of the hierarchy and on a good behaviour’s positive reinforcement.
For you to be able to bring your animal everywhere, and be in control of it at all time, you must teach it the basis of an education that we’d call: “family dog training”.

Too much dog owners blame their dog for not being trained: “he never listens, that’s him that doesn’t understand anything, he’s so stubborn…” However, experience always proved it, ain’t no stupid dog, there’s only impatient dog owners.
To educate your dog, you need to understand it.
As well as for a kid, your puppy needs to know the codes that organise our daily routine, and that goes through a socialisation phase.
Through the ages, the dog has always been the Man’s best best friend.
Nowadays the animal intelligence in known to the public beyond the ‘best friend’ status it is now a partner that could have many functions: K9 agent (police dog), guide dog, sheepdog and of course watchdog.

Éducation canine

Whatever breed it is, and its principal purpose, the dog would always deserve a quality education. Its morphology, its look, its behaviour, and many other criterias define the Cane Corso as a watchdog, it is excellent in the security job. However, you don’t need to be a specialist to train your dog. You could execute few activities that’d teach your dog how to behave.

The education of Cane Corso is essential considering its size.
This breed of dog needs a balanced education that focuses very young on the relationship with its owner and its socialization to unknown people, children and different environments (city, market, etc.). This heavy dog will take its time to make the requested indications such as sitting or going to bed, it will therefore respect its physical characteristics.

The education of this breed of dog must therefore turn more towards prevention. By putting in place a good socialization and good educational habits, we would avoid losing control of a dog which will be able to reach the 50 kg as an adult.

Here, in New Caledonia, we are fortunate to be able to benefit from the experience of Aline, behavioral trainer, who proposes different dog training formulas.

Here is her monograph:
60 years, including 20 years of joy of being alive and 40 years of wisdom. Former student of a prestigious school of languages and psychology, I spent 28 years in the service of National Education in France, until 2005.

Specialized in the teaching of Classical Literature, passionate about ancient languages and Egyptology, I first taught literature, Latin and Greek. Since the age of 14 I have been immersed in the very particular world of Konrad Lorenz and Dr. John Lilly, and in the knowledge of inter-species communication: from the control of the non-verbal to self-confidence, the different forms of communication, of relationship...

I belong to a generation who learned the report to the animal with "masters", old ones, as one learns the painting or the writing and that, since 1976. After that, I was also trained in various dog training areas in Europe that practiced competition before moving away, in the 90s, because I did not like working in conditioning and I was also eager to develop a different approach.
Éducation canine

In fact, communicating with an animal is first, freeing your mind of doubts and fear: it is learning how to deactivate negative memories in order to finally have the "Audacity to Succeed": the dog detects our faults and our hesitations! And of course, having a life partner whose psychology and functioning is well known: the goal of my method of education, which I developed after these (long) years, is to make sure a perfect harmony in the family and a control that allows you to take your dog everywhere with you...

This is how my method of education leads various institutions to solicit me, because the animal is then a living bridge to work indirectly - with humans! -on notions of authority, self-confidence, hierarchy, respect, patience and tolerance.

In parallel of course, people contact me first and foremost to have a dog "who feels good in its pads", good watchdog but without aggressiveness, who does not destroy the garden and does not jump on the children, faithful and loving but who does not reverse the roles and take his owners for its favorite sheep! To contact her, go to the contact page.